Disapproval brewing ...

Acrylic, ink, charcoal, watercolor on paper. Pretty old, quality paper none the less.

Ceramic in front of oil on canvas.

Ceramic in front of Tampa terminal chart and oil on canvas.

Acrylic, ink, watercolor, oil on old watercolor paper. Again.

Ceramic in front of oil on canvas

The Disapprovers, 20x16 in. oil on canvas. Still working on it.

... on paper, on canvas, in the air. This is what I found myself navigating toward last summer. Rabbits that disapprove. There was some old watercolor paper, used on one side, oh ... maybe 12 or so years ago. Perfect for experimenting. There were some porcelain rabbits as well. And a little canvas that was never going to get finished, hence it started getting reclaimed.

On top of that there was portrait of her majesty, Queen Cinnamon of Disapproving Rabbits. More TC ;-)


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