Vector #666
Funny thing happened the other day when I did a search on myself and looked at the search results for Images. Vector showed up. Hm, interesting. Turns out Von Simeon wrote a little story inspired by him. If that wasn't surprising, details in the story definitely make it so. Check it out  Writing Prompt: Dirty Bunny

Vector is a plush, peaches-and-cream kind of a kangaroo. We go back all the way to 1990.

However, this is Mr. Bun.  We go back at least to 2005. From time to time I get reminded that he needs a brushing. Mr. Bun does not really get a chance to get dirty and oily, but he does get shaggy and fuzzy.

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It's beginning to look a lot like Hoppy Christmas, again...

Hoppy Christmas, 20 x16, oil on canvas

The Winter Salon at Community Cafe is open. A bit of a rush job, but I managed to drop it off at he Cafe on Friday after Thanksgiving ;-)

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