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... decided to change the look and feel of this place, found a very nice responsive template. All good, right? ... wrong. Somehow blogger retained some old custom CSS I've added last year. So when I use one the stock templates from blogger, all's well and no legacy CSS are messing things up. But they return when try the new custom stuff. Go figure. Not enough time to play with it today so this stays for now. Looks like I'll be customizing someone else'es custom stuff :-(


It will have to be painted - coverup

This strange adventure below started a few years ago and steadily gone nowhere. It drifted from being hopeless to a lost cause. So my last ditch effort to turn it around comes in after taking reference shots during flight last July described here

Using very soft pencil (8B), I was able to trace the major forms based on the reference photo. Some of the lines are visible here and should be much clearer on the large image (click to view).

With rough outline in place, the fun started.

During last week or so, the piece moved forward by a parsec ;-), or at least somewhat closer to tolerable.


Bun Zero - First Coat

Following up on Bunsferatu, this is larger (24 x18 maybe?) exploratory effort. Still an experiment, but more detailed and closer to where a much larger piece will go. Where is it going? There's no way of knowing ;-) Once I started with the blues I just wanted to stay there for the moment. We'll see how well blues work as the under-painting. Next 2 layers will be interesting. I do like the possibilities provided by the larger scale. Bunsferatu and this are based on the same line sketch.


Bun Zero - First Draft

8 x 10 acrylic on canvas board.

Strange things can happen late at night. First draft for a larger project. Definitely feels more like Bunsferatu ;-) This little guy is on display at Community Cafe as well.


Community Cafe - Oct. 2014

(Buncifer at very right)

(Vector #666 on very left)

Thanks to Angie I finally 3 pieces on display at Community Cafe  in St. Petersburg, FL! She prodded me and did not let me off the hook :-) Thank you Angie!

I have not done anything like it since early 1990's. Last time Vector was on display was the 3 Birds Bookstore in Ybor City. Time flies.

If you wonder, the cafe has a new show every few months and this time it's Halloween. Hence Vector's name, "Vector #666" is a bit of a play on words. The 666 part will strike a cord with some, but it's also the HEX code for medium gray color in HTML. And since this Vector is in grays, you figure the rest ... ;-)


It will have to be painted.


July 24, 2014 was another hot and steamy day in Florida with scattered showers, thunderstorms all around and plane reservation for the evening. If all went N99344 and I would go off toward the beaches to practice slow flight, steep turns and forward slips. I packed the camera, just in case. We took off a little after 8pm. Bottoms of the clouds were at about 2,000 ft., puffy little clouds all over, moving north-east. Thunderstorms to the north and north east. Some cloud buildup to the south.

The sky was our for the most part (me and the Cessna's). The only, distant traffic, we observed was a suspected AligentAir sneaking into St. Pete/Clearwater airport.

I got on with the practice maneuvers at about 2,300 ft. Steep turns went well, better than I expected. It's been a few months since I practiced them. Slow flight went really well.

With few minutes just to enjoy the scenery, I grabbed the camera and tried a little 'point and shoot' routine, expecting very little. It was getting darker by the second. There was some daylight left, but for the camera's eye, it was getting dark. The sky was flowing through its post sunset dance and everything in sight got a chance to turn spectacular, if only for a short while.

After few clicks along the path of a 360 turn over the beach, we turned south and descended with a forward slip. Turning east we called up Albert Whitted tower and a little while later, we were landing. By 9 pm we taxied toward the ramp, all finished for the night. Still baking in the plane, heat and humidity not letting up.


Looking at the images that night only briefly, they seemed more disappointing than usual. I knew we had very little light and not the best equipment to work with. Still, it felt like there was  A LOT missing, but what?

What didn’t show was the emotional distance between the two worlds I’ve been in that day. Absence of work hassle, traffic jams, schedules, worries and frustrations is not readily apparent until one give it some thought.

After a few days the pictures began to look a lot better all on their own. Or maybe my appreciation of what happened grew.

Then it started sinking in. One of the images was good enough to be used as a reference for a painting.

(Final reference after some post production)

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