Catching up ... hm...

Planning more, sometimes it's tougher than nails though. Oops.

Catching up ... The Dougster!

At least one of them is Dougal from Disapproving Rabbits. Rather inspiring gentle bun ;-)

Catching Up...

Time flies regardless. Deciding to catch up on what happened since last post this guy popped up again and demanded some respect. Christmas of 2012 saw a few of these, knocking off snowmen. None were ever caught ;-)


Catching up ... Get Well!

Dougal playing nurse.

Mr. Bun, 'nough said.
Oil on canvas

Queen Cinnamon
Oil on canvas

Get Well was the theme for a while. 
Friends dropping sick.
Not being able to help much.
So few got  a "Get Well Bunneh"
Usually the bun disapproved. Seriously.

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