Space Bacon Bits model - original white

Same guy from last post, just for the record. Covered only in white acrylic.

Space Bacon Bits model - black and white acrylic coat.

f1.8 I believe


Decided to paint this little guy black and white with acrylics. I was just curious as to what would change if I painted it with a range of grays. It turned very gloomy and foreboding. I have to admit I got surprised by that. I like it in terms of having the tonal values worked out. Next, I'll have to give it some color, bring a bit of life into it. I'll tuck away the black and white episode for future reference. It did sprout a couple of ideas for me ;-)

PS: More tethered shooting practice. The whole set got improvised on the kitchen table this time ;-)


It will have to be painted - cover up complete

Cover up complete
A couple of months back, the old stuff has been all painted over. Next, soften things up and give them some form. Maybe even figure out how to take a better pix of the piece ;-)


Ready to paint

I've had this guy ready to be photographed for the record for a while now. Finally, last night, I manged to record the black and white version of it. It's white, with base of 8 x 8 inches and a little under 11 inches tall.
It's made of white Sculpy and wire (then baked) mounted in a wooden base, filled with fine gravel, aquarium sand and wood glue. Then painted with white acrylic.

Next, I'd like to paint it again, with acrylics, as if it were a painting itself. Thus I wanted something for the "before" record :-)

Something New for 2015

5 x 7 acrylic on polyester vellum

Decided to sit down and work with Vector from direct observation on New Year's Day, first thing in the morning. So far, I got his ears too small and discovered acrylic on polyester tends to behave a bit differently than on paper. Still, it was a lot of fun and I'm getting a little hooked on it ;-)

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