Seasonal Confuzzlement

The Holidays can be a difficult time for any creature. In case of a bunnies, lack of constant attention to their needs can spark swift and severe reprisals. As illustrated, this particular one decided to take on the world starting with the snowman. The only way further disapproval could have been averted was through expeditious serving of carottinis, nutriberries and fresh dandelions.

It is through pure bad luck that this incident was even witnessed. While trying to document it, the camera's sensor burned out and the lens broke. Hence we are left with artist's feeble attempt to convey the horror of that moment.

The character appearing in this work is fictitious although inspirational. Any resemblance to real Dougal from DisapprovingRabbits.com is purely coincidental.


Bun Zero - pt. 1

I closed my eyes and tapped into some mysterious, milky way of disapproval.

I'm not sure what precipitated this bun at a time when Queen Cinnamon ruled this dimension with fantastic disapproval. It was time for something new, quick and a pen and ink fit.

Right now this little guy (or a girl, not sure to be honest) will go on a small canvas that has his/hers name on it. There will be a helping of oils as well.

Hopefully, progress report will follow next week.


Disapproval brewing ...

Acrylic, ink, charcoal, watercolor on paper. Pretty old, quality paper none the less.

Ceramic in front of oil on canvas.

Ceramic in front of Tampa terminal chart and oil on canvas.

Acrylic, ink, watercolor, oil on old watercolor paper. Again.

Ceramic in front of oil on canvas

The Disapprovers, 20x16 in. oil on canvas. Still working on it.

... on paper, on canvas, in the air. This is what I found myself navigating toward last summer. Rabbits that disapprove. There was some old watercolor paper, used on one side, oh ... maybe 12 or so years ago. Perfect for experimenting. There were some porcelain rabbits as well. And a little canvas that was never going to get finished, hence it started getting reclaimed.

On top of that there was portrait of her majesty, Queen Cinnamon of Disapproving Rabbits. More TC ;-)


Resuming own navigation ...

...sounds very simple. At least I thought so few years back. The more I thought about it, the more complex the subject became. Having a single point of destination would make getting back on track easy. Double down and plow through it. What happens if we want to be in a lot of places at the same time though?

As of yet I have no answer.

Lately life started revealing some hints about that, in not so gentle ways. For the past couple of months I've been without current medical certificate. Even though I'm working on regaining it, to be without it is extremely difficult to deal with. It really forces me to contemplate on letting go.

It's been a little over a week since I found out that getting back in the air will not be easy and that just about took my sanity away. First moment of relieve struck when it dawned on me that sooner or later I'd have to let it go eventually. No matter how fortunate I got and no matter what accomplishments I could achieve in flying, there will be a moment of really saying goodbye to it. If nothing else, time tends to have that effect on a lot of stuff.

May as well be grateful for every moment I got to be in a plane. The rest is gravy.

I really have no idea how this leg of the trip will turn out. I'm hoping for the best and enjoying at least some piece of mind.

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