Community Cafe - Oct. 2014

(Buncifer at very right)

(Vector #666 on very left)

Thanks to Angie I finally 3 pieces on display at Community Cafe  in St. Petersburg, FL! She prodded me and did not let me off the hook :-) Thank you Angie!

I have not done anything like it since early 1990's. Last time Vector was on display was the 3 Birds Bookstore in Ybor City. Time flies.

If you wonder, the cafe has a new show every few months and this time it's Halloween. Hence Vector's name, "Vector #666" is a bit of a play on words. The 666 part will strike a cord with some, but it's also the HEX code for medium gray color in HTML. And since this Vector is in grays, you figure the rest ... ;-)


Pancake Ideas said...

Loved reading this, thank you

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