1 point 1 ( Sometime in Spring of 2015)

How did that line up?

1 point 1 (hours) is how long it took us to fly from St. Petersburg to Sarasota and back. That includes time on the ground going through checklists, taxing, etc. So actual time in the air would closes to 15-20 minutes each way.

We had the sky to ourselves. Daytime can mean a lot of traffic in the air all around Tamba Bay and we were fortunate enough to time both trips in such a way as to enjoy a very quiet time in the air.

Angie worked the camera and I minded the plane.

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Make a Model, pt. 2

 Experiment completed. Note to self: keep the model black and white. Give the model a coat of while  acrylic and call it done. 

Now I wish I had used a proper canvas, not a 're-tread'. I like this one a lot.

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Basil, mint, raspberry and Critical Care treat for Mr. Bun



Vector as a SBB

Messing about with Vector, Conté Crayons, graphite and hard charcoal. It's nice to have a patient model. I doubt I can salvage this iteration so if nothing else it's a beginning of the next one.

Why? Because there's not enough Vectors.

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Mr. Bun as a SBB

Mr. as a SBB (a.k.a Space Bacon Bit) Started an experiment with a pix of Mr. Bun as starter for a SBB. Again, would be nice to have a model for this.

Paper and hard charcoal, for a canvas of about 22 x 28 in


Mr. Bun and Hemingway

A few evenings with a pix of Mr. Bun and audio book of Hemingway's "Islands in the Stream".

I had a little canvas "pre-painted" with acrylics at one of those "drink and paint" places. Perfect for experimenting. Some of that under-painting still shows, for example, the red and orange around the eye.

I'd love to have Mr. Bun pose, but he's got better things to do than sitting still. Napping, noming and other things come to mind.

PS: Oil, 16 x 20


Make a model

I wanted to paint on of those directly from observation for quite some time now. Trying to avoid making a big project out of this I painted over some old canvas going back to the early 90's Some of that is showing through the black and white under-painting. It's still wet so next layer has to wait.


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