Rabbit in a kangaroo body?

Back in 1992 I painted a series of kangaroos. It all started when I spotted a little plush puppet of a kangaroo in a toy store. It went home with me and the rest is history. What followed was a real bender of painting Vector in different sizes (mostly 30' x 40' though), but in the same exact pose.

Everyone always reacted to Vector very positively as in 'OH! I love the bunny!' Sometimes comments were made about how reminiscent he is of the Velveteen Rabbit. So compliments were humbly accepted and gentle reminders were made regarding his species.

When I shared a draft of a painting of a very disgruntled rabbit with my friend Claps, he reminded me about Vector. Once in the early 90's Vector starred in a show at the Three Birds Bookstore in Ybor City (in the good old days before Ybor turned into bar alley).

Now it turns out that maybe Vector is a rabbit stuck in a kangaroo body?

So much for thinking you know your puppet :-)

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dorie cox said...

and how about The Space Bacon Bits of the same era? http://doriecox.blogspot.com/2011/01/space-bacon-bit-by-tomek.html

dorie cox said...

and the destruction of another Tomek original from the 1990s era. now reorganized on another canvas. it was a gorgeous piece, but too much for my walls and the Dorie Cox Museum was not yet open to house it.

dorie cox said...

and another from the 1990s Tomek collection, now destroyed and reassembled to better reflect the subject:

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